The health and wellness industry is jam-packed. While Vitality has a fantastic product, it needed to differentiate from its competitors by promoting its partnership with Apple Watch.
The goal was to equip the sales team with presentations that would make a compelling and personal case to customers, proving that Vitality Active Rewards could really change someone’s life for the better and benefit the corporate buyer.

We partnered up with the Vitality’s vice president of marketing, head of strategic marketing, and executive creative director for a discovery session where we dove deep to understand Vitality’s audience and their sales team.
We understood their sales would be driven by the real potential for individual change, so we transformed what was once a single page of collateral, to several persona-based narratives. Each showed the potential transformation of a less than health-conscious employee, to a motivated and healthy one.
After just a few weeks, we were able to deliver a beautiful new sales tool to Vitality Active Rewards. By showcasing individual transformation stories, their potential customers were able to truly understand that a partnership with Vitality Active Rewards could help them save money on insurance costs, and help their employees lead longer, happier, and healthier lives.
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