Selina Chelsea Art Program
Rooted in Selina’s Latin origins and the artistic spirit of the neighborhood, the Selina Chelsea art program is designed to create a bridge between Latin American and New York City’s cultures and communities. Exclusively featuring Latinx artists, the program shines a spotlight on a community who for too long has been marginalized by the international art scene.
Inspired by the industrial structures of the neighborhood’s past, Selina Chelsea intends to serve as a home for the arts. It is a platform that fosters innovation, drives meaningful connections, and cross-pollinates ideas, creativity, and design.
Together, in partnership with the Aperture Foundation, PROXYCO and Subject Art, Samantha and her team have carefully curated the works of 14 different artists and their personal stories.
Featured in the Gallery Bar & Cafe is carefully curated “Sin Titulo,” was created by self-taught Latinx artist Marco Rountree. With frequent references to Mexican history in his artwork, Rountree explores the concept of Latin American art and the role of art itself.
Details of this ongoing art program featured in the first issue of "Art Observations" - a Selina publication.
Through this program, Samantha curated and created the perfect spot for travelers to feel right at home in the city. Selina Chelsea has opened its doors soon creating a welcoming space for artists, galleries and curators to come together.
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